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New Risk: Can our Networks Handle a Nation Working from Home

Have our risk and continuity plans accounted for home network bottlenecks? Our day-job needs and expectations are colliding with our family-scale data networks. We are all home and online together: learning, streaming, gaming, trading, accessing, conferencing. In Europe, some networks and applications have seen traffic increases of 80% and 90%. Seattle has seen total internet traffic increase 30% over January. It is a great experiment. Fingers crossed.

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Increase in Sanctions Surges Demand for Compliance Professionals and Outsourced Services

The growing use of sanctions as a policy tool has created a demand for compliance professionals that is outstripping supply. The result is an extremely tight job market and rapid growth of third-party services provided by accounting firms, law firms, and specialized compliance consulting firms. Unemployment for compliance professionals currently stands at 0.2%.

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California Board Diversity Mandate: The Impact so Far

Recent reports and surveys show significant changes to board of director diversity among California publicly traded corporations. This follows the state mandate that boards have at least one female director by the end of 2019. According to independent corporate governance surveys, among the larger companies 96% have at least one woman director. There have also been large increases in the number of boards with two, three, or more women directors. 94% of the new directors joined the boards as outside directors.

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Global Supply Chains Potentially Impacted by Chinese Forced Labor of Uighur Minority

A new report claims that the global supply chain is corrupted by worker exploitation and forced labor stemming from the ongoing Chinese repression of its Uighur population. Perhaps 83 well-known brands – including Nike, Apple, and Dell – are serviced by these workers. A fresh concern for those in corporate governance and compliance concerned with reputation, third-party and supply chain risk.

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Harvard and Yale Investigated for Failure to Report Foreign Funding

The Education Department is probing Harvard and Yale universities as part of a nationwide investigation that has identified at least $6.5 billion in undisclosed funding from foreign countries. The department claims Yale failed to report hundreds of millions of dollars during a four-year period in which it filed no reports. The compliance threshold is $250,000. The funders of concern include hostile countries China, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Iran and their representative companies and academic and cultural institutions.

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Security Firm Avast Selling Customers’ Detailed Browser History

Avast subsidiary Jumpshot is marketing data from 435 million active users and 100 million devices. It collects “Every Search. Every click. Every Buy. On every site.” Users indicate they are not aware of the activity, raising questions about how informed is the consent of the users whose data is for sale.

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ESG Data – To Disclose Or Not To Disclose

Disclosure is increasingly the starting point. The trend now is to disclose ESG achievement even when the disclosure may not be fully flattering. Without the disclosure, a company may lose access to an ESG fund’s resources anyway.