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GRC Pilot Insight is the single source for context, ideas, and practical advice on current topics in governance, risk, and compliance. You should be a part of this. We want your contribution.

For the most part, contributors are limited to the experienced membership of GRC Pilot. That will permit you to participate in the conversation in other ways too.

Please review the Editorial Overview below for guidance and instructions in how to proceed.

Writing for GRC Pilot

Who Should Write for GRC Pilot

The simple answer is anyone with GRC knowledge that can add to our understanding. And – by definition – that means members of the GRC Pilot community. Who might this include?

  • GRC Practitioners
  • Board Members, C-suite; GCs
  • GRC Staff and Analysts
  • GRC Evangelists
  • GRC Thought Leaders
  • GRC Subject Matter Experts
  • GRC Bloggers and Journalists
  • GRC Academics
  • GRC Consultants
  • GRC Researchers
  • GRC Regulators
  • GRC Content Marketers

Hopefully this includes you. Read on to learn more and get started.

Why You Should Write for GRC Pilot

GRC Pilot does not pay for articles. There are numerous other reasons, though, that GRC Pilot might be a good match for you.

The Audience: 

Those charged with GRC responsibilities are highly trusted members of their organizations dealing with critical matters. They are accomplished, educated, and respected. They are the influencers and the decision makers. And, of course, they are notoriously busy and hard to reach.

Your Reputation

GRC Pilot is the platform that can put you in front of these GRC pros where they can discover and appreciate your ideas and perspective. It is an opportunity to establish and enhance recognition and authority..

Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership is one thing; putting that leadership in front of those who can utilize it is a different matter. GRC Pilot provides that platform. In this field with constant change, smart insight at the cutting edge commands attention.

Visibility, Trust, Connections, Leads

Raise your profile. Highlight your company. Use your writing and your author’s bio to give your audience a way to find you, identify you, trust you, and connect. 

Drive Traffic. Improve SEO.

GRC Pilot is an authoritative site with longtail content, addressing key search terms. Articles stay fresh and discoverable as they are cross-promoted, searched and shared among members. Members, who are at various stages of GRC maturity, will be revisiting quality content continually as they encounter new situations. 

What to Write for GRC Pilot

The first answer is original content. GRC Pilot cannot publish work that has appeared or will appear in another publication.

The second obvious answer is that it must pertain to Governance, Risk, Compliance, or the interests of GRC pros.

Third, it must be worth the time of the reader. Insightful. Well-reasoned. Concise.

Finally, the quality of the writing must be high. Interesting. Intelligent. Well-edited.

Our goal is to provide a broad range of information in a variety of formats. Let the presentation categories below encourage you to look at GRC from new perspectives. In general articles should be 1000 words or more. We are willing to make pre-approved exceptions, of course.

Three categories deserve special description. “News Highlight” is timely news posted with short commentary (~150 words) and a citation and link to the original source. “Executive Reaction” is a CEO/CFO/GC/Board Member-bylined short essay (~500 words) on a topic raised by current GRC news. It is a convenient way to establish the relevance and leadership of senior management on the GRC impact of current topics. An “Infographic,” of course, does not have a minimum word count. 

  • Analysis/Commentary
    1000 words
  • Executive Reaction
    500 words
  • Guide/Tutorial
    1000 words
  • Infographic
    Discuss with Editor
  • Interview/Profile
    1000 words
  • News Highlight
    150 words
  • Research/Report
    1000 words
  • Review/List
    1000 words
  • Special Interest
    1000 words
  • Trends/Forecast
    1000 words

Style considerationsThe GRC Pilot audience is built around expertise. The skills and experience in governance, risk, and compliance are diffused across organizational levels. The board may be more strategic, the administration more technical. However, these are tightly knit groups and they perform as a team. They share a knowledge domain and a requirement to be competent and serious in their tasks.

At the same time, these are our peers, and so GRC Pilot addresses them conversationally and professionally. We must be trustworthy – and so objective and non-promotional. Our audience is busy; so our content needs to be digestible with sub-heads, short paragraphs, and meaningful insights. It should be relevant and applicable: How will this affect me, my team, my company, my industry, or our common GRC responsibilities.

About the author. Each article includes Author information: Name, Profile Photo;  and 50-word Bio that at can highlight Company; Position Title, Website link; email address; twitter handle, etc.. The author must commit to monitor and respond to comments for two weeks following publication.

About the article. Each submission will include a Title/Headline; a 100-word Excerpt/Metadata summary; the article Content; a high quality Featured Image; image caption; attribution and URL for any links contained in the article; and tags. The author is responsible for ensuring the article is original, and ready for publication.

About grammar and usage. GRC Pilot uses standard American English usage and spelling. We refer to our Style Guide that is accessible to contributors in their My Account menu.

What is likely to be rejected. GRC Pilot is not a platform for your advertorial. GRC Briefings listings serve that purpose. We are not interested in articles that are overtly promotional or that include affiliate links. This is also not a platform for your political biases.

Terms and Editing. All content is governed by the GRC Pilot Terms of Use. We reserve the right to edit any submission in order to meet length requirements, improve readability, meet our style, and/or optimize web traffic.

How to Submit, Review, Edit, and Publish

We want to make the process easy. 

  1. Register as a GRC Pilot member and login.
  2. Contact the Editor using the form below to be approved as a Contributor.
  3. As a Contributor you will see a Contributor sub-tab within the My Account tab in the site navigation menu after you have logged in. Click “Submit an Article” in the sub-menu. 
  4. Add your content to the form fields and submit. Our editorial team will review it within 48 hours and contact you to let you know if they will publish, pass, or request editing.
  5.  You may delete, or save your submission as a draft if you intend to continue to work on it. Once it is submitted it will be considered Pending. At that point you may edit but not delete. Once an article is published it may be neither edited or deleted. 
  6. You may review your Draft, Pending, and Published articles in the Review and Edit link in the Contributor sub-menu.

GRC Pilot Members

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