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Professional governance, risk, and compliance are more critical now than ever. Threats multiply; regulation is complex; solutions are dizzying; and the responsibility for getting it all right is squarely on your shoulders.

GRC Pilot navigates this world with a private, peer-to-peer community of GRC pros. Together we can raise our game, act with confidence, and make our work easier and more rewarding.

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Private Equity Critiqued for Performance and Economic Contribution at New Policy Think Tank

Private equity – hedge funds, buyout firms, venture capital – is subjected to analysis at a new policy think tank. The focus is on performance and returns in addition to distortions of the American economy. The analysis highlights the subpar returns over and during the last decade. It calls into question the valuations, leverage, and risk that are standard practices. In doing so, it also raises questions of governance for private equity investors, particularly institutions, pensions, and endowments.

Employee Surveillance: Crossing the Line From Trust to Coercion

Working from home has surfaced numerous risks. First security, now productivity. Increasingly, companies are using employee monitoring tools to track and measure employee activity at home. The software may increase productivity, but also may compromise employee privacy or foster anger and distrust. Shortsighted surveillance decisions may risk a hard-won corporate culture, and the governance team should pay close attention.

Governance: Bringing Captive Supply Chains Home

A growing clamor for supply chain diversification and returning manufacturing to the US is going to land in the laps of the c-suite and board. It is starting with outrage at the vulnerability of medical supply chains. But the obvious weaknesses of current globalization are causing a review of all supply chains and their exposure to environmental and political risk.

Coronavirus Ethics in the Supply Chain Are a Risk for the Company, the CEO, and the Board

“We’ll get through this together” is statement of solidarity and shared sacrifice that is on the lips of many executives – an affirmation of corporate social responsibility. Does it also include the weak link in the supply chain – developing world suppliers? Hardball demands of suppliers threaten vulnerable workers, damage business relationships, and expose the CEO and board of directors to criticism and the company to reputation risk. Governance needs to take note.


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